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Instant Retail for Restaurants

Instant Retail for Restaurants

Eric Boynton 94 Views
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About Idea

With restaurants being one of the hardest hit industries of the past year, they are in need of extra revenue. Revigor Marketplace helps them achieve this with retail options that require no upfront cost or extra overhead.
Restaurant owners do not have the time or expertise to conduct retail operations, with our easy 3 step system all they need to do is three things.
1. Order:
  They simply order a fully stocked retail display
2. Sell:
  Once the display come in, they set it in place and start selling.
3. Relax:
  Revigor Marketplace takes care of restocking and inventory all the restaurant needs to do
  is collect money.


Local restaurants are the core of our neighborhoods, and over the past year have been struggling, our big idea is to help keep them open without interrupting their existing business.
Restaurant owners are stressed out with reduced income and having to navigate a set of regulations that they do not understand, while having to figure out how to make up for loss revenue, we will help them with this last part and keep them striving.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have to secure the initial inventory, for the first 3 interested restaurants. As well get our retail displays designed.

1. Initial Inventory
2. Retail Display design
3. Lead Generation Campaign

$5,000 of which will come from the funding at 5X5 night and the rest will come from personal funds.

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